Woman accused of abuse, threats says she is victim

A woman accused of cursing another woman and threatening her yesterday told a court that she was surprised that she was charged, since she was the one who reported being attacked by the complainant.

Carmalita Grant was admitted to $80,000 bail when she appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, on charges of using abusive language and threatening Carmin Reece.

Grant, 35, of 33 East Ruimveldt Front Road Squatting Area, had pleaded guilty to the charges when they were read to her, but the magistrate entered not guilty pleas on her behalf after listening to her explanation.
In her explanation to the court, Grant said that on June 12, she was walking on the road when Reece, whom she did not know, dealt her a cuff to her back.

A fuming Grant said that she did not know why the woman would want to hit her, although she went on to tell the court that she had had an affair with the father of Reece’s children. However, Grant said the relationship was a “temporary” one which fulfils her “financial needs” as she is unemployed and has three children to maintain.

Grant said that sometime after their first encounter, Reece attacked her again while she was walking on the road. At this point, Grant said she reached for a bottle, broke it and informed Reece, “nah this trip.”

Grant said that she was not going to have Reece hit her and not do anything about it. Reece, she added, then began cursing her and she responded in like manner as well.

According to her, she then reported the matter to the police and was kept in custody at the East La Penitence Station for four days.

Grant, who told the court that she does not “go looking for trouble,” expressed surprise that she was charged and not the complainant.

When given a chance to speak, Reece said that she did not know Grant, who torments her every time she passes her house by making offensive remarks to her.

Reece said that she lives in the United States and is visiting with her grandchildren, whom she brought to meet their grandfather. The woman said that she does not know the nature of the relationship between the father of her children and Grant and neither did she care.

She said that on the day of the attacks, she was on her way to confirm her flight to return to the US earlier than was planned, since she has not been able to enjoy her vacation, owing to Grant’s daily torment. It was while on her way to conduct this transaction that Reece said Grant threatened and abused her.

When asked by the court what was the nature of the threatening behaviour and abusive language charges, Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt said that Grant threatened Reece with a cutlass and bottle and told her that she was going to “make her life miserable.”

After hearing the case, the magistrate informed the accused that she would be placed on bail in the sum of $60,000 for the threatening behaviour charge and $20,000 for that of abusive language.

Grant said that she would be unable to afford the bail since she is unemployed and has to provide for her three children. The magistrate however informed her that her decision was final but added that she can apply to the High Court for a reduction of bail.
The matter continues at Court Six on June 20.

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