Robbery suspects intercepted at Vigilance

Police at the Vigilance Station yesterday intercepted motorcar, PRR 2880 and arrested two persons suspected of committing a robbery at Plantation Hope, Bath, West Coast Berbice around 11 am.

The driver of the silver-coloured Toyota Allion was also taken into custody and the owner when contacted claimed he had rented the car.

The men were found with a pair of gold earrings belonging to one of the victims, Lela Iyub, 41, who operates a shop.

Some alert construction workers saw the men running to the car in a suspicious manner and recorded the number.

Police were still trying to find an accomplice who reportedly disappeared with most of the booty, including over $200,000 in cash, a quantity of gold jewellery and a mini iPad.

Iyub said two of the three bandits, armed with a gun entered her home and attacked her husband, David Iyub, 43, who was at the time sitting at the table reading his bible.

She told Stabroek News that her husband fell to the ground and the bandits pointed the gun to his head and later locked him in the bathroom.

The woman who was lying on a chair was not aware of the robbery until she heard her husband making an anguished sound.

When she got up to investigate and the bandits ordered her to “bring the money and jewellery.” She responded that she did not have any and they told her to take off the bangles she was wearing.

They also demanded her ring but she told them that “that is my wedding ring and I can’t give it to you.”

By then the third bandit had jumped over the counter in the shop and picked up a cutlass that the couple would use to chop chicken. He raided a drawer and removed cash acquired from the day’s sales and a bag containing $62,000.

Another bandit went in the upper flat and carted off $110,000 and more gold jewellery, including a pair of gold jingles belonging to her 15-year-old daughter.

He ordered Iyub who was downstairs to open a drawer in the upper flat that was locked but she refused, saying that she did not have any valuables in it.

She had not realized that a mini iPad was removed from her 20-year-old son’s room until he returned home from work. The iPad is protected by a password.

One of the bandits had stashed a Samsung Galaxy 3 cellular phone, a Blackberry Bold and two of the latest brands of Nokia phones in his pockets. Again, she courageously told the bandit to leave the phones and he complied and handed them to her.

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