Fishmonger accused of receiving, pawning stolen generator

Fishmonger Rondell Edwards was yesterday placed on $75,000 bail after he denied receiving and pawning a stolen generator given to him by a man who was indebted to him.

Edwards, 28, of Lot 155 Cooper Street, Albouystown, was charged with receiving an electrical generator, valued $150,000, knowing same to be stolen or unlawfully obtained. The generator was the property of Rudolph Gibson.

Edwards, unrepresented by counsel, denied the allegation and told Magistrate Fabayo Azore that “a man owed me and brought the generator at my workplace, telling me he will leave this generator till he get me money. He owed me $28,000 and I pawned it for $55,000.”

He said he needed the money because his mother is sick and his girlfriend suffers from leukaemia. He added that after he was contacted by the police, he took them to the person who they said stole the item and explained everything to them but they still charged him. “I work hard for my money. I never stole anything from anyone,” he emphasised.

The prosecution made no objection to bail, which the magistrate set at $75,000.

The case was adjourned until June 25.

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