Acid attack victim for eye operation

Twenty-two-year-old Sandy Jackman who had a noxious substance thrown in her face on Friday night is expected to have an operation today on one of her eyes, her relatives said yesterday.

Her mother Karen Jackman told this newspaper that she is still in a lot of pain and is traumatized by the incident. Sandy Jackman is currently in the Burn Care Unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Meanwhile, Karen Jackman continued to refute claims made by other publications that it was her daughter’s involvement in a triangular love affair that led to the incident. The substance was thrown in the young woman’s face on Friday night at Cummings and Sixth streets, Alberttown by a man on a bicycle. The man reportedly rode up to Jackman as she was walking along the street and threw the substance in her face. Karen had stated that she was at her stand selling and her daughter had just left with some containers when she heard her screaming. Jackman was taken to the hospital and her mother said she sustained injuries to the left side of her face and chest. The woman had said her daughter could not identify her attacker, because the incident occurred very quickly and because she was texting on her phone at the time. She was also not aware of Jackman having any problems with anyone.

Sandy Jackman
Sandy Jackman

She said yesterday that the police are yet to make a breakthrough in their investigation.

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