Elderly US-based man abandoning intimidation complaint against cops

Guyanese-born American citizen Edward Larry, the 81-year-old who accused police officers of storming into his home and attempting to drag him to a station without any explanation, yesterday said he was returning home and does not expect much to come of his complaints.

“I am so tired and disgusted of everything and don’t expect anything to come of it. I don’t need this at my age. My family has told me to let it be and just come and leave everything, so I am listening to them,” Larry said.

In early June, he said he was traumatised after police officers stormed into his home and attempted to drag him to a station without any explanation.
“I am barefoot in my home and the man just grab me and started pulling me, saying ‘Big Man you gat to come to the station now wid we.’ I was shocked and asked him why I was needed there because I didn’t break any law… He said ‘Shut up, you ain’t hear wuh I seh? Leh we go’ and started pulling me as I am asking, you know, pleading with him to let me put on my shoes but he continued roughing me up,” Larry had recounted.

Edward Larry
Edward Larry

At the time, Larry noted, he was clad in his house clothes and had been speaking with a friend who had visited him because he was not feeling well.  Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell had ordered a probe into the allegations because to him it seemed that the police had intervened on their own accord.
“I told the Commander of that Division [‘A’ Division, headed by Assistant Commissioner Derrick Josiah] I want a thorough investigation… it seems clearly as if the police intervene for their friends or something.

That looked as it was a private matter and they took it over… they are only to act if there is a law break, like breach of the peace or something,” Brumell had said.

Yesterday, Larry informed that he had received a visit by a rank who has taken a statement from him on orders of his Divisional Commander. He said that he received other visits and was told that the police were working on the matter. “Up to yesterday the police told me they were working on the matter but this is as far as I would go because I am tired of it, really tired. I am not going to hold my breath on that though because all my family and friends already say this is Guyana,” he said. “I will just let that go and go back with my family… the only reason I have not left as yet is because I am waiting on them to come for me… I will count my losses for what it’s worth. I have life and that’s what matters. I pray so I know I will be okay,” he added.

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