In-laws charged with assaulting each other

A brawl at the Mahdia bus park landed two in-laws before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on assault charges.

But driver Brendon Johnson, 57, and neighbourhood policeman Utid McCloud, of 111 Miles Mahdia, both denied the charges against them that on March 14 at 111 Miles Backdam, they assaulted each other. When the case was called in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Prosecutor Vernette Pindar said McCloud, who is Johnson’s sister-in-law, was on duty at the Mahdia bus park, where she observed him surrounded by a group of persons.  Pindar said that an argument erupted after Johnson made a rude gesture with his mouth at McCloud. The prosecutor added that McCloud slapped Johnson in the face, resulting in him dealing her several cuffs about her face and body.

The matter was subsequently reported and both defendants were charged.

McCloud, after seeking permission to speak, told the court that the fight got out of control and she was badly beaten to the extent that she suffered serious injuries to her face.
Johnson, represented by attorney Paul Fung-a-Fat, was given bail in the sum of $25,000, while McCloud was released on self-bail.

The two were also bonded to keep the peace. The matter will be called again on July 17.

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