City inspections uncover hygiene violations at restaurants, food shops

The Meat and Food Hygiene Section of the Mayor and City Council has found several contraventions during a recent inspection exercise of restaurants and food shops and is advising consumers to be vigilant when purchasing meat and food.

In a press release on Wednesday, the City Council said its Meat and Food Inspectors checked 27 retail spirit shops; 23 food restaurants; 19 provision shops; 18 food trays; 12 cold stores; and seven provisional shops during the exercise.

Inspectors observed contraventions, including the absence of refuse receptacles, dirty premises, defective urinals, water closets and cupboards.

The City Council also advised that labels and expiry dates must be checked, especially when deals are offered on food items. Consumers must also ensure that they purchase meats that have been inspected and deemed fit for consumption.

The City Council said during the month of May 506 bovine and 81 porcine animals were slaughtered. Of the 587 animals slaughtered, 379 came from Berbice, 139 originated from Demerara and 69 from Essequibo. These animals are subjected to rigid ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations to firstly to prevent the slaughtering of diseased animals and, secondly, to identify disease which may not have been found during the first examination.

Of the animals slaughtered four entire carcasses were confiscated, one forequarter, 30 pounds of beef and several organs as they were found to be unfit for human consumption.
The Meat and Food Hygiene Section advises the public to exercise caution when making purchases as it works to ensure that safe and wholesome food reaches the public.

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