Health Ministry trains volunteers for filaria programme

As part of the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reduce and eliminate lymphatic filariasis and control soil-transmitted helminthes in Region Five, 180 volunteers have been participating in a training and evaluation programme.

The training programme is being hosted by the ministry in collaboration with the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) at the regional boardroom at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice.

 Participants at the workshop
Participants at the workshop

The volunteers would be trained as pill distributors for the National Mass Drug Administration programme which has entered its fourth year.

According to Glevia Sandy, Health Education Officer, upon completion of the five-year programme, an assessment survey would be conducted to determine if Lymphatic Filariasis is above one per cent in the region.

If that is the case, the exercise will continue for another three to four years. The pills which would be distributed over a three-day period to every household will treat not only filariasis but also intestinal parasites.

Residents of Moraikobai and Abary Creek are also expected to benefit from the training and evaluation in one week’s time.

Facilitators for the training were: Glevia Sandy, Cheryl Hopkinson, Angel Edwards, Gillian Woodroffe and Deslyn Fraser.

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