Rosehall woman dies after struck down

-driver’s alcohol level over the limit

Sunita Persaud, 23, of Rosehall, Corentyne died yesterday after she was struck down by a driver who was later found to have alcohol over the legal limit.
Persaud had been beaten in May this year by vigilantes in an incident which resulted in the death of a man.

Police say that the accident occurred at 0030h yesterday. Persaud was struck down while crossing the Port Mourant Public Road. Police say she was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital and referred to the GPHC where she later succumbed.

Police say that the driver of the vehicle, who attempted to flee the scene is in custody.

Reports reaching Stabroek News stated that the driver is from Paramaribo, Suriname and formerly of Guyana.

A resident said there was a barbecue and dance in the vicinity of the incident.  The man explained that when the woman was struck she was flung into the air. “When she fall down she hit she head hard on the road and she was bleeding profusely”.

He also added that, the woman was pitched roughly around 60-70 feet away.

Another eyewitness told Stabroek News the driver of the Suriname vehicle 38-79ZC, did not stop at the scene and continued driving.  It was said that a public-spirited citizen followed the vehicle and stopped it. The driver was then handed over to police.

The driver was given a breathalyzer test and the results showed that he had surpassed the alcohol limit.  The driver is expected to face the court and several charges.
Persaud was a victim of a severe beating in May by vigilantes that resulted in the death of Alfred Munroe ‘Guana Man’, of Manchester Village. Six persons were charged in connection with the murder.

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