Man kills family members, himself in Guadeloupe

Police in the French-speaking Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe have identified the man who went on a shooting spree on Saturday killing six of his family members, including his two children, as 40-year-old David Ramassamy.

According to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) Ramassamy was discovered on Sunday with a self inflicted gunshot wound to his head. He was found in his vehicle parked in an open field.
Police had appealed to Ramassamy to turn himself in on Saturday after investigators discovered the six family members in the small town of Tabanon in Petit Bourg. Among the dead were Ramassamy’s two children aged 10 and 12. The AFP reported that the other three among the murdered were two of Ramassamy’s uncles and a cousin.

Reports from the small island are that Ramassamy was a rifle club champion and was known to exhibit violent behaviour. Police are currently conducting an investigation as the motivation for the killings is still unknown.

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