Uncle killed, nephew critical after two separate accidents

A family, plunged into mourning after one member died in a road collision on Sunday, faced a second tragedy when another member was involved in a separate accident hours later. He is currently fighting for his life at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).

Jerome Hackett, 60, of Lot 77 Phoenix Park, was riding his motorcycle along the Den Amstel Public Road, West Coast Demerara heading to Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo when he died. He lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into a culvert.

Hackett, a security guard by night, was heading to secure a job as a “bush cutter” with his brother-in-law who was riding on another motorcycle a few feet behind. Family members told Stabroek News that Hackett attempted to brake but was unable stop in time.

He sustained a broken neck and was pronounced dead on arrival at the WDRH. His estranged wife Patricia Hackett said her husband did have a few drinks prior to heading out on the road. But she said that though he was known to take a few drinks, he was never a reckless driver and has been riding motorcycles for years.

Hackett’s family arrived at the hospital on Monday morning after hearing about his accident, which occurred at approximately 5.30 pm on Sunday. They then learned that Hackett’s 41-year-old nephew, Marlon Hackett, was hit by a vehicle while walking along the West Bank Demerara Public Road, a few hours after his uncle died. Family members said that they weren’t sure what time that accident was as Marlon was involved in a hit and run.

“We aren’t sure what happened, but he is in serious condition with a head injury he was bleeding from his nose so it is serious,” a family member said. Both nephew and uncle resided in the same house.

Family members said Marlon Hackett did suffer from mental illness and had a disability and was not currently employed.

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