Cops still probing assault report against Robeson Benn Jr

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud says investigators were having some trouble speaking with the woman who has accused Robeson Benn Jr of assault but maintains that this would not be a deterrent to a thorough probe.

“Investigators are still conducting their work. I know that they did have a bit of trouble (contacting)  the girl,” Persaud told Stabroek News, while adding that as soon as the investigation was concluded, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) would be notified and a decision on how to proceed would be made.

The woman first came forward with the allegations on June 23 and Benn Jr subsequently turned himself in the three days after. He was released on station bail and the police continue to investigate.
The woman has alleged that Benn Jr entered her home by force wielding a gun. She has also alleged that he repeatedly punched her and kicked her once he entered the house. She also said that when she went to report the crime at the Alberttown Police Station, she was sent to Brickdam Police Station, where she received no assistance. The woman noted that she went home and decided she had to return to the police and file charges after Benn Jr called to ask her how she was. The woman said she later filed a police report in the presence of her attorney Nigel Hughes

Meanwhile, Persaud also told Stabroek News that the police force has been monitoring the number of domestic violence reports and is currently compiling data on how many of those cases make it to court. He noted that in Guyana, once a charge has been filed, the alleged victim can make a claim to have it dropped although the decision is ultimately that of the court. He, however, noted that a variety of factors must be considered before the courts would drop a domestic violence charge.

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