Man told ex-wife he would kill her, make it look like an accident -court hears

A man was yesterday charged with threatening to kill his ex-wife, who said he told her he would make her death look like an accident.

Sheik Samad, 38, of 128 Barr Street, Kitty, was placed on $30,000 bail and bonded to keep the peace pending the determination of the matter, when the case was called at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The allegation against Samad is that on June 5, at Vlissengen Road, George-town, he displayed threatening behaviour to Fazida Hamid, resulting in a breach of peace.

Samad pleaded not guilty to the threatening behaviour charge when it was read to him by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

When asked by the magistrate how the man allegedly threatened her, Hamid said her ex-husband drove up alongside her as she was attempting to cross Vlissengen Road and told her that he would kill her “and make it look like an accident.”

Hamid said that she and Samad separated November last and ever since then he has been calling and texting her cell phone as well as her present husband’s cell phone. Even when she changes her contact numbers, she added, he is still able to contact her through means unknown to her. The court heard that as a result she has made arrangements to have printouts from GT&T of the various calls made to her phones. She added that she would also produce other evidence to the court.

Hamid, who expressed fear for her life, said that it seemed as if the man has ears inside her house. She also said that he has been scandalising her name to persons in addition to calling her mother and other family members as well as “tormenting” them.

When asked if he wanted to say anything, Samad declined because his attorney Chandrawattie Persaud was not present at the hearing. He, however, indicated that he wanted the matter to go to trial.

After being informed that he was granted bail, Samad was sternly warned by Magistrate Latchman that he must have nothing to say to Hamid and must not slander her name or call her. She directed him to refrain from any interference whatsoever with persons who concern her as well.

It was at this point that Hamid reported to the court that the same night after the matter was reported to the court and the police had warned the defendant to refrain from interfering with her in any way, he breached that order by sending text messages to her and her husband.

The Magistrate warned Samad to stay away from Hamid and placed him on a bond to keep the peace pending the determination of the matter, which will continue on July 8 at Court Six.

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