Mon Repos Market vendors safe from relocation

Vendors of the Mon Repos market are now breathing a sigh of relief after they learned that they will not have to relocate to facilitate the expansion of the four-lane highway.

This was revealed to them by Minister in the Ministry of Local Government Norman Whittaker at a meeting

A section of the vendors at yesterday’s meeting
A section of the vendors at yesterday’s meeting

which was held at the Lusignan Community Ground yesterday to discuss the relocation of the market and other issues related to the market.

Whittaker reassured the vendors that they will not be moved. “Those persons who are legitimately vending in the market will not be removed.” He said, however, that measures will be taken to improve the market and that vendors should take responsibility for their stalls.

“Ideally, it would be nice if there were uniform stalls put up by the vendors, because the NDC [Neighbourhood Democratic Council] does not have the resources to do the type of work needed. We don’t want persons fixing stalls and reselling them,” Whittaker said.

He told the vendors that the conditions under which they vend are not ideal, hence the ministry was working to improve that. He stressed that the vendors need to ensure that their surroundings are cleaned properly.

A new committee was also selected with three members who will speak on behalf of the vendors, and will be installed from next week, Whittaker added. Meanwhile, the Regional Democratic Council will also select one member, the NDC will select two members, and the Ministry of Local Government will identify one member to be on the market committee.

When asked about security at the market, he said that the newly elected committee will be addressing this issue shortly.

Last week, vendors related to this newspaper that they were served with notices on the plans to relocate them. “Last week they served us with letters that we have to move and we don’t even know where they want to put us,” one vendor related.

Meanwhile, several vendors said that they are thankful for the meeting and that they will not have to move. “I am so glad that we don’t have to move, we were ready to protest if they had told us we were being relocated,” one vendor said.

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