Venezuelan blood pressure meds story fails to move court

A Venezuelan national who entered Guyana illegally, and who also claimed he was here to purchase medication since he suffers from high blood pressure after which he would return to Venezuela, was yesterday fined $30,000 or the alternative of six months imprisonment

Gloeny Enrique Mendez Gonzalez, 42, appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore on a charge that on June 23, he entered Guyana by sea without the consent of or presenting himself to an immigration officer.

Gonzalez did not have a fixed place of abode in Guyana but he was staying at a hotel which he did not remember the name of.

The defendant who does not speak English had an interpreter present.

When asked by the magistrate what brought him to these shores, Gonzalez said that he suffers from high blood pressure and was here to purchase medication after which he would have returned to Venezuela.

He was unrepresented by counsel.

The defendant told the court that he wished to apologize for his actions.

Gonzalez was ordered to be deported.

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