Sophia man on trial for killing father-in-law told cops fatal row started over fried chicken

A Sophia man, charged with killing his father-in-law, told police he did it after he was attacked by the man after a row over fried chicken

This is according to murder accused Marlon Ganesh’s statement to police, which was admitted as evidence against him and read to the jury when his trial commenced in the High Court yesterday.

Marlon Ganesh
Marlon Ganesh

Ganesh is on trial before Justice Dawn Gregory for the murder of Roopnarine Singh.

During the trial yesterday, state prosecutor Renita Singh made her opening address after which a number of witnesses testified, including policeman Prem Narine, who read Ganesh’s statement to the police.

According to prosecutor Singh, the accused and the now deceased man were at a “get together” in December of 2008 at Sophia, when the accused and his wife got into an argument and he began to verbally abuse her about her mother.

Singh then intervened in the matter and told the accused to stop talking about his wife’s mother and leave the home, the prosecutor said.

He then went into the house to pack his clothes and while he was doing so he stabbed the man, she added.

Singh succumbed to his injuries in January the next year and Ganesh was arrested and charged with his death. A wanted bulletin was also issued by the police for his arrest.

According to Ganesh’s statement to police, he and Singh had an argument after Singh accused him of stealing fried chicken. Ganesh said Singh told him he had to move out of the home and he went into the house to get his clothes.

While he was packing his clothes, he said Singh attacked him and he tried to defend himself with a “lil knife.” Ganesh also told police that he “fire juk” at Singh and was attacked by other persons. He, however, managed to escape and went into the interior. Ganesh also said he learned that Singh had died after he came out of the interior. Under cross-examination, defence counsel Hukumchand Parag asked Narine two questions.

He asked him if he was reading the statement as part of the prosecution’s evidence, to which Narine replied yes. He also asked Narine whether what he read was accurate and the policeman again replied yes.

The trial continues on Monday.

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