22 charged in City Council’s anti-litter campaign

During the month of June 2013, twenty-two persons were charged before the courts for littering in several Georgetown wards.  The fine for littering is $10,000.

A release from the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) said that the council continues to enforce the by-laws relating to littering in the city.

Some of the areas targeted for enforcement included sections of Bourda and Stabroek markets, Camp Street, King Street and Independence Boulevard.

The release said that the Solid Waste Management Department will continue to work to ensure that those sites and other areas are kept clean and tidy and the City Constabulary will continue to find and prosecute litter-bugs.

The council advised citizens to dispose of their garbage in an appropriate receptacle and to refrain from disposing trash in drains, canals, on parapets and other such areas.

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