WPA’s dissatisfaction never communicated to APNU

-No qualms about party speaking out, Granger says

Leader of main opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David Granger says the coalition has no qualms with the move yesterday by the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) to vent its dissatisfaction with the coalition as a separate political party.

He, however, said that this dissatisfaction with APNU’s efforts was never communicated to him, despite the fact that two of WPA’s members-Desmond Trotman and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine- are members of the National Assembly on APNU’s list.

Each of the political parties, despite their membership in the APNU coalition, remains individual political parties, and are therefore free to write or even hold press conferences on their own behalf, Granger emphasised when contacted by Stabroek News.

Four executive members of the WPA – Dr. Roopnarine, Dr. Rishi Thakur, Tabitha Sarabo and Dr. David Hinds – at a press conference yesterday stated that the party is demanding that any further talks with the government be tied to the setting up of several commissions and the satisfaction of other demands.

Hinds stated that the WPA still believes in the coalition and intends to support all of its initiatives but there are things the WPA wanted to happen that APNU was not asking for.

Meantime, Granger maintained that nothing prohibits any of the political parties within APNU from functioning independently.

He added that no part of the agreement compelled the political parties to inform APNU of any activities, they are desirous of carrying out. He confirmed that he was not made aware of the WPA’s intentions to hold the press conference.

Nevertheless, Granger said that while he was unaware of what was said during the press conference, he was sure that it was in line with objectives each of the parties agreed upon when the coalition was formed.

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