Ambulance immobile since 2007 racking up $$M in repair bills

An ambulance that has not operated for almost six years is costing the Linden Hospital Complex millions of dollars in repair bills, Chairman of the Region Ten Health and the Environment Committee, Maurice Butters said last week.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Butters highlighted the fact that Linden with a population of 30,000 does not have a functioning ambulance.

Butters said the Linden Hospital Complex has three ambulances and the lone one that was working broke down two months ago. He said the accumulative cost of repairing the ambulances over the last five years could have bought more than three new ambulances.

The abandoned ambulance
The abandoned ambulance

Making specific reference to an ambulance—licence number PKK 7795—which the Region Ten Democratic Council provided to the Linden Hospital Complex in 2006, Butters said it stopped working sometime in 2007 and has not been in service since then.

Noting that the ambulance was initially parked at a mechanic shop but is now “parked in the hospital compound”, Butters said, although it has been out of operation, it cost the Linden Hospital Complex “in the vicinity of $3 million for parts, fuel and other works … but this ambulance has never worked since 2007”.

Butters, who is a member of the Management Board of the Linden Hospital Complex, distributed a detailed report on the cost of repairs for ambulance PKK 7795. The report, dated 22 October, 2012, was addressed to the Management Board of the Linden Hospital Complex and was signed by Judah Bayley, Occupational Safety and Health Officer.

According to the report, in 2007, C Benjamin did mechanical repairs at a cost of $25,000 and P Cross did electrical repairs at a cost of $49,000. There is a charge in 2008 of $242,204 from Associated Industries for parts – piston rings, piston pin, bushing, g set, bearing con rod set, overhaul kit, silicone gasket marker, air filter, fuel filter element assembly; and another of $114,400 for Parts (Liner H41).

The report details other charges for 2008: $80,800 by C Benjamin for mechanical repairs; $70,000 by Mr Majid for fuel; $641,388 by F Allie for mechanical and other repairs; $4,000 by Genesis Auto Service for bottom and engine wash; $10,000 by Mr Lewis for installing glass; $14,890 by P Cross for electrical repairs; $219,000 and $100,000 by Ramchand Auto Spares for repairs to vehicle.

The report also states that in 2009, Mr Majid charged $36,000 for fuel and $32,000 for battery. There was also a charge of $10,000 for transportation for purchasing. Additionally, in 2009, there is a charge of $56,000 for parts; $4,000 for bottom wash; $2,500 for repairs to vehicle; $1,596 for battery lugs and $2,880 for battery charging and airing.
The report also includes a charge in 2010 of $89,000 by F Allie for changing oil filter and main bearing.

There is another charge from F Allie in 2011 of $162,000 for repair and service of injector pump as well as changing fuel pump and camshaft. In that same year, there is another charge by F Allie of $213,368 for parts while there is a charge of $426,736 by Associated Industries for parts – Ring Piston set, Liner and Piston Avy.

Noting that the information “was retrieved from the Q&A system in the Accounts Department and the Purchasing Department”, the report shows the total cost of repair work as being $2,606,762 with a footnote that reads: “In addition, the information above, Fahaad Allie Mechanic has an outstanding invoice of $360,000 for the removal of the engine of PKK 7795 for general overhaul. This invoice is dated 16 March, 2012.

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