Man shot in Alberttown remains mum – police

The Campbellville man who was shot in Alberttown last Friday remains in police custody and according to Crime Chief Seelall Persaud the man is still not giving the police details about the incident.

Stabroek News understands that Leslie Wood whose address was given as Lot 54 Seaforth Street remains a patient of the High Dependency Unit (HDU). His condition is said to be serious but stable.

Persaud, when contacted yesterday, said when the man was found by police early Friday morning he was conscious but he didn’t say anything. He said that no arrest has been made, while stressing that the man is not saying anything to investigators.

According to the reports reaching this newspaper, just after 4 am residents were awakened by the sound of gunshots. On venturing outside they found a man lying at the side of the road covered in blood. Persaud had told this newspaper that Wood sustained three gunshot wounds.

A resident said that a police van drove up shortly after and collected the man before driving off.

A blue and white 212 motor car was parked nearby. Reports are that the vehicle belonged to Wood and that he was sitting inside when he was attacked.

Police are conducting their investigations into the shooting incident.

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