Man on flight from Guyana nabbed in New York with cocaine

On the same day United States citizen Briana Rodney was nabbed at Timehri with 4.1 kilos while an outgoing passenger on a Caribbean Airlines flight
to New York, another American citizen on the same flight was later busted in New York with over 6 kilos.

Winston Nicholas Carr, 49 years old, was taken into custody by US law enforcement officials after 6.78kilogrammes of cocaine was found in his luggage at the JFK airport, New York. He had left Guyana and arrived in New York on a Caribbean Airlines flight on July 3rd.

Carr was arraigned at the Brooklyn Federal Court on July 5th charged with trafficking in the drug and was placed on US$80,000 bail.

Experts have suggested that whenever a mule is nabbed at Timehri it is usually an indicator that others with larger amounts are also trying to get through. It again raises the question of how Carr was able to evade local checks.

Rodney, a 25-year-old social worker, was sentenced to four years in jail and fined $30,000 after she confessed to having over 4.130 kilos of cocaine in a false bottom of her suitcase while being an outbound passenger at the Cheddi  Jagan International Airport, Timehri, destined for the United States. She  had been in Guyana on four previous occasions before her last arrival on March 12.

Alleged co-conspirator, Andre Gustav, was also charged with the same offence but pleaded not guilty and was remanded until the 15th of this month.

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