TVET council conducting skills needs survey

The Council for Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) with support from the Inter-American Develop-ment Bank (IDB) will be conducting a labour market intelligence survey to determine the skills needs in a number of key sectors.

The survey starts today and will benefit from technical and financial support from the IDB, a press release from the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security said. The Council which operates within the ministry, plans to contact about 400 establishments and businesses to obtain critical information on the available skills and skills shortage in the manufacturing, hotel and hospitality, construction and engineering, forestry and commercial trades.

The survey will capture data from both the supply and demand side. Questionnaires have been designed to secure information from establishments in the said sectors and all technical and vocational training institutions across the country. Both public and private sector entities will be visited and enumerators will work in all the regions.
The survey will run until August 31. A similar survey was held in the mining sector in 2012, the ministry said.

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