Stray catchers impounded 408 animals last month

The Ministry of Home Affairs is appealing to livestock owners to exercise proper supervision of their animals during the grazing period as its stray catching units in Georgetown and Berbice impounded a total of 408 animals last month.

According to a press release, the Georgetown unit impounded 182 animals comprising 67 cows, 53 goats and 62 sheep. The Berbice unit impounded 226 animals comprising 23 horses, 154 cows, 34 goats and 15 sheep.

During the first half of the year a total of 2012 animals were impounded comprising 1070 cows, 547 goats, 284 sheep and 111 horses.

The ministry further advises the public that any person who releases or attempts to releases any stray taken for the purpose of being impounded shall be liable to a fine of between $10,000 and $20,000.

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