Boy, 15, stabbed over eggs, father in custody

A teenager is now hospitalised after he was stabbed by his father on Wednesday afternoon over two eggs.

Paul Thomas, 15, of Lot 7 Vevey, Mahaica, underwent surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, after being stabbed once to the right side of his abdomen beneath his ribs.

Police arrested Thomas’s father, 68, after the stabbing.

According to Elizabeth Thomas, 52, the attack occurred around 1:30pm on Wednesday when Thomas took a break from doing his school work and went to his father to collect two eggs.

She stated that his father refused to give him the eggs but the boy took them anyway, while noting that he helps with rearing their chickens. This apparently angered the man, who then took up a knife and stabbed him once.

Elizabeth Thomas stated that everything happened very quickly and she hadn’t the opportunity to attempt to stop the boy’s father from attacking him. All she remembered saying was, “Ow, God!”

She added that she wanted nothing to do with the attacker, who is presently locked up at the Mahaica Police Station. “He does always threaten to kill Thomas and the other kids, he drinks a lot and enough is enough!” she explained.

The boy, who is a student at the Unity Secondary School, stated he was very thankful to be alive after the attack. He did complain of slight pain in the injured area but said he was doing well otherwise.

His sister further added that the family was very thankful to the doctor who looked after him and the nurses as well at the hospital. “With God, all things are possible. There is nothing too difficult for God to do, thank God for saving my brother’s life,” she added.

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