Murdered northwest woman laid to rest

Teenager Gweneth Alexander who was allegedly stabbed to death by her partner was buried during a simple funeral service at Port Kaituma yesterday and according to reports the man has handed over their infant son to relatives in the North West District.

After allegedly killing the woman, reports stated that he locked the body in their shop at Tenepu, NWD  and fled with the seven-month-old baby boy. This newspaper was told that the man who is originally from the Barima River handed over the baby to relatives and later informed them that he had killed his wife. By then he had already left.

Alexander, age 18, was found in a decomposing state around 1000 hours on Tuesday. Persons kept going to the shop but found it locked. Persons who usually bought goods at the shop where the couple also had their living quarters visited and found it strange that not only was the shop locked but that they did not hear a baby crying. It was at this point that one of them decided to peep through a hole and it was then that a foot was spotted.

Relatives and the police were later contacted. It was police who broke in and found the woman but at that point could not tell if she had been murdered. A post-mortem examination revealed that she sustained a stab wound which punctured her liver.

Her mother Sharon Jones had told this newspaper that her daughter who had an older child with the man was the victim of constant physical abuse and infidelity. She said that the whole issue stemmed from her spending extra time in Port Kaituma – which she was forced to do because she developed a fever – and reports that the man had a woman in their house.

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