Machel Montano willing to help local artistes

As soca star Machel Montano prepares for his signature energy-laced performance tonight, he promises to share his expertise with local artistes as his way of giving back to the people who have constantly supported him.

“It is time for us to see who the star of Guyana is and I put that out there for them to make themselves known and step up to the plate and make it happen,” Montano said shortly after arriving at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday.

He along with other performers, Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy, were greeted by President of the Guyana Tourism Authority Indranaught Harloldsingh who conveyed greetings on behalf of his ministry and government.

Machel Montano during a recent performance.
Machel Montano during a recent performance.

The ‘Soca King’ explained that the hospitality of Guyanese, from his dozens of visits here as a child to present, is always overwhelming. As such, he said that with his homely feeling comes the compelling urge to push the development of music of the young people so it reflects artistic developments globally.   “I feel very much a part of the music and entertainment industry of Guyana …this is something I like to be a part of and to contribute to. It is my interest to see who will be one of the rising stars of Guyana. Who will be that Machel Montano of Trinidad to Guyana or that Lil Rick of Barbados to Guyana …I look forward to working with someone from here,” he said.

However, he opined that the need to emulate him or gain exposure for themselves must come from the willingness of the artists here. “I would like to see what this artiste is or what this artiste would like to get out of entertainment…where these artistes would like to see themselves and relate to the openness of Machel Montano,” he said.

Further, he stated that he has always said that local artistes should feel free to approach him for advice or send demos of their songs. Said Montano: “We are interested, I Machel Montano would let the nation know this; I am interested in helping to develop artistes here, helping to develop what is the sound in Guyana… Is it Soca? Is it Chutney? Is it Soca Chutney? And is it reggae Soca Chutney?”

Last evening he was scheduled to make an appearance at Palm Court in Georgetown but said that what he looks forward to most from that event is “going to Big Market after 2am looking for some nice cook-up rice and eating with the people.”

This year’s event will mirror Phagwah celebrations as it is a ‘Fog and Fete’ affair. For the first time, there will be a fog machine to give the expected effects. As such, patrons are advised to walk with their powder and expect to be fogged and soaked. New and expensive clothing is not advised as their fate at the end of the show is unpredictable.

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