Contracts signed for some 27 projects in Region 7

With the completion of the signing of contracts for the first phase of projects for 2013 by the Regional Democratic Council Region 7, Regional Executive Officer Peter Ramotar encouraged contractors to complete them in a diligent and timely manner.

According to the regional administration the contracts are for some 27 projects.

When Stabroek News spoke to Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Deryk Persaud, he stated that the most expensive project was the construction of the Bagwall Revetment at Agatash which cost $6,260,780. The contract was awarded to Maurice Balgobin. He said that the project strives to maintain the beach front and will aid in the prevention of erosion which has always been a worry.

Maintenance of alleyway drains in Fourth and Fifth streets Bartica, along with the maintenance of alleyway drains in Third and Fourth streets, Bartica cost $6,028,408 and $6,004,809 respectively. Both of these projects were also awarded to Balgobin.

Persaud told Stabroek News that the areas where the drains are situated are very low. He said that with the rainfall the area usually floods easily. He added that the drains act as a system that prevents flooding from occurring.

Persaud urged contractors to involve the village council in the respective areas where works will be executed for them to be knowledgeable of all transactions between contractors and residents, so at the completion of the projects there will be no indebtedness.

Ramotar emphasised on the importance of contractors perusing their contract documents to ensure that their works are executed accordingly to specification and warned that those who are in default will be penalised.

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