Man jailed for six months after hitting wife

-accused of beating boy about genitals with broom

A six-month jail sentence was yesterday handed down to a man who hit his wife, after she intervened while he was allegedly beating a 13-year-old about the genitals with a broom.

Magistrate Judy Latchman, who presided over the case at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, said her decision to jail Mark Singh, 37, was in recognition of the prevalence of domestic violence in the society. She also ordered Singh to undergo counselling after he served his sentence to curb his behaviour.

While Singh admitted to hitting Sujata Persaud, he denied brutalising the boy.

According to Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt, Singh, a painter of Regent Street, was drunk on July 25, when he allegedly picked up a broom and beat the boy in the area of his genitals and after his wife, Sujata Persaud, intervened, he chucked her. “Me and she had a lil row and I knock she,” the father of three admitted.

Singh also confessed when asked that he had been previously jailed for six months for threatening his wife.

“I fed up of that girl, Ma Worship. She does give me a hard time. Since I get lock up she ain bring nothing fa I eat. She ain even come to court this morning,” he said.

Considering the prevalence of domestic violence in the society along with the mitigating factors, the magistrate sentenced Singh to six months imprisonment for assaulting his wife. For the matter in relation to the boy, he is set to return for its continuation on August 5 at Court 10.


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