Unresponsive man in court over theft of car

A 20-year-old man accused of stealing a $2.5M Allion motor car was on Monday remanded to prison when he appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The charge against Tiffon Peters is that on July 26 at Georgetown, he stole an Allion motor car valued $2.5M; property of Roy Cox.

Peters was not required to plead to the simple larceny charge when it was read to him.

When repeatedly asked by the court for clarification of his first name, Peters did not reply but rather stood in the docks and stared in the distance.

When asked why he would not respond; his mother who was present related to the court that sometime last year her son became very ill and ever since, says nothing at times.

She said that he had recovered for about nine months but later suffered a relapse and has become unresponsive again.

The court noted that in the circumstances it was fortunate that the charge levelled against Peters is not one for which he was required to plead as the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) had not been applied.

Additionally, it is indictable at the moment.

Peters was unrepresented by counsel but his mother, when asked by the court said that he is a mechanic and resides at 664 East Ruimveldt; Georgetown.

The virtual complainant who was present said that he is willing to discontinue the matter providing he is financially compensated for damage done to his vehicle which amounts to $800,000.

Prosecutor Bharat Mangru related that the vehicle was recovered, but that significant damage had been done to it.

Meanwhile, Peters’ mother said that she has asked the complainant for some time to make monetary compensation to him.

The prosecution objected to Peters being granted his pre-trial liberty stating that the offence is serious and that there is a likelihood the accused will not return to stand trial if granted bail.

Peters was remanded to prison until September 16 when his matter will be called again.

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