Bids tendered for major sea defence works

The Ministry of Public Works on Tuesday received bids for a series of sea defence works to be undertaken countrywide.

The bids were opened at the National Procurement and Tender

Administration Board  (NPTAB) located in the Ministry of Finance compound. The companies that bid for the various projects and their respective tenders are illustrated below.

For the Construction of rip rap river defence at Orangestein, East Bank Essequibo, Region 3 only two companies submitted tenders.

20130801amount 1

Construction of rip rap river defence at Endeavour and Blenheim at Leguan in Region 3.

20130801amount 2

With an Engineer’s Estimate pegged at $80,858,950 construction of rip rap river defence at Zeelandia, Wakenaam Island had four submissions.

20130801amount 3

Rehabilitation of earthen embankment from Bank Hall to Zeelandia, Leguan.

20130801amount 4

Sealing of cavities and repairs to concrete slopes and walls between No 77 Village and Line Path, Corentyne, Berbice.

20130801amount 5

Rehabilitation of concrete wall at Overwinning, East Bank Berbice.

20130801amount 6

Rehabilitation of river embankment at Friendship, East Bank Demerara and with an Engineer’s Estimate of $4,110,000.

20130801amount 7

Rehabilitation of earthen embankment from Doornhaag to Uniform in Leguan.

20130801amount 8

Georgetown’s Solid Waste Management Programme also saw bids opened for the procurement of  seven waste collection vehicles.

20130801amount 9

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