PNCR offers sympathy on the death of Steve Naraine

The People’s National Congress Reform  has expressed sadness over the death of Shiv Sahai (Steve) Naraine, CCH, a former member of the PNC and Senior Minister of Works and Transport in the Forbes Burnham government of the 1970s and 1980s. The party extended condolences to his sorrowing family.

A release from the PNCR said that under Naraine’s stewardship, the management and development of the physical infrastructure of the  Republic achieved a great measure of success.

According to the party, he was highly skilled and a professionally acclaimed engineer and will be remembered for his committed and dedicated service beyond the call of duty in making, maintaining and preserving the integrity of coastal Guyana during his period in office, 1972-1983.

It said that the dredge bearing the first letters of his call name “Steve N” was built and commissioned into service at the Demerara River bar during his tenure.

It recalled that for his commitment and dedication to Guyana, he had been awarded the Cacique Crown of Honour (C.C.H) in 1984.



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