Prisoner found hanging died of asphyxiation – post-mortem

Murder accused Brian Blount who was found hanging in his cell at the Georgetown Prisons on Monday died as a result of asphyxiation, according to a post-mortem examination done yesterday but the relatives say they still have questions.

Blount’s father, Norman and uncle, Kenneth travelled from their home at Coomaka Mines, Linden to witness the post-mortem.

They said that they were unable to see the whole body but noticed what appeared to be bruises on his face. They said that after the examination was completed all they were told was that he died from asphyxiation and that he was unable to breathe.

They said that they still find it hard to believe

Brian Blount
Brian Blount

that Blount would hang himself with a towel.

It was pointed out that in the morgue the towel was still wrapped around the man’s neck. Blount will be buried next Wednesday.

Relatives are adamant that the 26-year-old man was not suicidal and that he was looking forward to the beginning of his preliminary inquiry later this month.

They said that they were told that when Blount was found he was in a kneeling position with a towel around his neck.

Blount on Saturday was on the roof of the prison professing his innocence of the murder charge.

He was accused of murdering Ernest Persaud, between March 10 and 12 and throwing his body into the Demerara River.

He fled after he heard that the police were looking for him. He was arrested in February and subsequently charged.

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