Elderly man slain at New Hope

-shoved under grass heap

An 86-year-old man was yesterday found dead in his yard, hidden under a heap of grass and there were several chops wounds on his body.

Sukdeo Singh, 86 years old of New Hope, East Bank Demerara was found dead around 2pm yesterday, police stated in a release.

They said that the man’s house was opened and had been ransacked.

Neighbours told Stabroek News that Singh lived alone and that he was always working in his yard.

They said that it was a neighbour who saw Singh’s home opened and after continuous calls for him, notified the police. The elderly man was discovered hidden under a heap of grass in the yard.

The house that Singh lives in is the third house in New Hope  and given the distance  from his nearest neighbour, it seems that even shouts for help  would not have been heard.

The neighbours believe that the old man was a target for thieves as he always had a daily routine which he stuck to rigidly.

They believe that whoever killed Singh timed his daily yard chores and pounced upon him.

It is unclear what was stolen from the house. Neighbours believe that the man saved remittances and his pension at home.

Police are continuing their investigations.

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