Probe continuing into report of jewels theft at airport

An investigation is ongoing at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri into the reported theft of over $800,000 in  gold jewellery with the police being called in to investigate the matter.

Chief Executive Officer of the CJIA, Ramesh Ghir stated that he would be meeting with staff early today to see just what is happening with the investigation. Ghir noted that so far the airport has not found any information that would lead them to believe any misconduct had taken place.

Florida-based Guyanese Azaad Ali noted that he was happy with the investigation though it was somewhat slow. He told Stabroek News yesterday that he has been directed by both Alvin Majeed, a Senior Aerodrome Officer at the CJIA and Corporal Mahendra Thuknauth of the Guyana Police Force to send in a detailed list of the allegedly stolen items and the value of each item.

Ali told Stabroek News yesterday that the CJIA liaison has stated that security cameras have not indicated any suspicious activity as yet. However Ali did note that “the police told us that they saw the jewellery in the bag on the scanner that day and in my mind then if you saw it then where is it now? So I am hoping they will keep trying.”

The Florida-based Guy-anese noted that he was being patient because he has been in contact with both the CJIA and the GPF and they have made efforts to keep him informed.

He did say that he wished something more was happening and that he was unable to speak with Ghir about the issue and he would still prefer to relay his information to the CJIA head.

Ali said that he was hopeful that the investigation would yield results or lead to better policing of the security if it was found that there had been an internal theft.

On July 16 Ali, his wife and two children were returning home to Florida after a Guyanese vacation. He said that he and his wife decided to pack away over $800,000 worth of gold jewellery to keep it safe. Ali noted that his wife had wrapped the three cricket bands, four rings, two necklaces and a watch, and placed them in a small cosmetic bag which was then placed in a larger cosmetic bag. Upon returning home from their flight the couple noticed that the small bag was empty and that it was open while the larger bag was closed.

Ali had previously told Stabroek News he suspected that CJIA security may have stolen the jewellery because the guards were acting suspiciously prior to checking his suitcase.

He had said that he thought the behaviour odd, but only really though it was eerie when he returned home to find the jewellery gone. The man said he had tried to make contact with CJIA, but it had proved unsuccessful until Stabroek News brought the man’s plight to the attention of the CEO.

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