South Ruimveldt supermarket robbed, shots fired

A South Ruimveldt Supermarket owned by Chinese nationals was last evening robbed by armed gunmen who carted away cash and fired bullets during their escape.

The Supermarket which does not yet have a name, as it was recently leased by the Chinese, is located at the Festival City Exit and Aubrey Barker Road.

An employee told this newspaper that it was shortly after 7pm that two gunmen stormed the business and demanded cash.

In the process they assaulted a female Chinese worker with the butt of the gun. “These two man come in and just get this gun up…de one wid a cruel face say ‘Nobody move’ and then he point the gun to my face and seh ‘Big boy on the floor’ but when I move to lie down he tell me stay right deh and I ain’t move a muscle,’” the young man said.

He said that the other robber took up a position close to the door where he could see movement in every direction of the store and also see persons entering the supermarket.

The robber inside the supermarket first picked up an employee’s cellular phone, then phone cards and cash that were in the register.

He continued to ransack the place asking if that was all  there was in the store. He did not wait for an answer but stashed the loot on his person and signalled to his accomplice “leh we beat out”.

The employee said that as the man was leaving he began firing rounds indiscriminately towards the inside of the supermarket and the next thing they heard was a car speeding off. Police are investigating the robbery.

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