Albouystown woman cleared of threat charges after complainant’s change of heart

Facing possible jail time for charges that included threatening to burn another woman, Odessa Williams left court a free woman on Monday after the complainant decided to drop the charges.

It was alleged that Williams, 32, of 32 James Street, Albouystown, on August 2, at Sussex Street, Charlestown, used abusive language towards Melissa Rogers. It is also alleged that on the same date, Williams also verbally and physically threatened Rogers.

Williams pleaded guilty to all three charges when she appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court but her explanation caused Magistrate Judy Latchman to record not-guilty pleas to the charges.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt told the court that Williams, a mother of five, picked up a bottle and headed towards Rogers and threatened her, saying that she would burn her the way someone burnt her husband. He further added that she also told Rogers that she would use her gun on her.

When Williams was given a chance to speak, she stated that “I am a scrap metal dealer and someone broke into my place and stole my stuff….  I find out it was by Melissa, so I tried to collect my things and she run me with a spade. I didn’t get to go to the station, ’cause I went to the jail to carry food for my childfather. She even scratch up my car.”

However, Rogers, in response, said, “Your honour, she is a constant headache to me and my husband. She came with another guy and I ignored her and went to the guy and asked what the problem was and she pick up a bottle and come to attack me. That’s why I picked up the spade. I had to do that to defend myself.”

Rogers’ husband, who was given permission to address the court, stated that he was burnt in a similar incident. He added that they were once friends but Williams just developed an attitude. He explained that “If someone that does sell she metal come and sell we too, she does get vex and say that the metal is she own and come and create confusion.” He asked that the court grant a restraining order to keep Williams stay away from his home and place of business.

Initially, the magistrate decided to remand Williams to prison on the threatening language and threatening behaviour charges, however, all the charges against her were dropped after Rogers said she no longer wished to proceed.

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