No bail for ‘guilty’ labourer denying push cart theft

After pleading guilty but refusing to admit to the crime, labourer Alfred Sukdeo was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge of stealing a cart.

The charge read at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court stated that on August 2, at Charlotte and Wellington streets, Sukdeo, 42, allegedly stole a push cart, valued at $14,000, belonging to Courtney Barrow.

When Magistrate Judy Latchman asked Sukdeo to make a plea, he said he wanted to plead guilty with an explanation

“I does work cart and fetch them people goods and he give me the cart to do work. Next thing, the police pick up the cart. I ain’t thief no cart. I does always use the same cart to carry load,” he said.

Magistrate Latchman, after hearing Sukdeo’s explanation, subsequently recorded a not guilty plea for him.

Sukdeo claimed he lives at lot 165 Regent and Cummings Street but prosecutor Vishnu Hunt stated that the accused did not have a fixed residence and objected to bail.

The magistrate subsequently ordered that Sukdeo be remanded to prison, prompting him to plead with the court for the case to be concluded immediately.

“I don’t want to waste the court’s time, just give me a simple sentence or something. Ah telling you, I ain’t tek no cart, the police got it. Wha mek you want me come back again?” he said.

As a result, Magistrate Latchman re-read the charges to Sukdeo but he subsequently maintained that “I gon plead guilty with explanation.” As a result, Magistrate Latchman immediately moved on to the next case and Sukdeo was remanded to prison until September 5, when the case will be called at Court One.

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