Remorseful thief gets 36 months for million-dollar burglary

Evander Spencer will serve the next 36 months in prison for breaking into a woman’s house and stealing over $1M in electronics and other goods.

“I am very sorry for going into the complainant’s house and I would never do it again,” Spencer, 21, told Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, when asked if he wanted to say anything before being sentenced.

Bond clerk Spencer accepted that between July 31 and August 2, he, in the company of others, broke and entered the home of Kendra Keizer and stole a flat screen television, an iPad, a desktop computer, a cordless phone, a microwave, a quantity of jewellery, clothing, footwear and other items, totalling  $1.4M and property of Keizer.

The facts of the case stated that the complainant, a housewife, secured her 269 Meadowbrook Gardens, home on July 31, leaving everything intact.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt said that on August 2, at about 2am, four ranks attached to the Rural Constabulary were on patrol duty when they saw the defendant on a bicycle with two suitcases.

He said that Spencer was at the time in the company of three other men who were also on cycles with other items from the stolen booty.

According to Hunt, the police challenged the men and managed to arrest Spencer in the process while the others managed to escape.

The prosecutor said that the young man was questioned about the articles he had in his possession and admitted breaking into Keizer’s home and stealing the items.

Keizer was subsequently contacted and after checking her home, discovered the items missing. The defendant was later arrested and charged. Hunt indicated to the court also that some of the items have been recovered.

When asked if she wanted to say anything, the complainant requested only that the recovered items be returned to her.

Meanwhile, when given a chance to speak, Spencer, in a soft and teary voice, responded: “I am very sorry for going into the complainant’s house and I would never do it again.”

In mitigation, the magistrate considered that Spencer pleaded guilty at the first given opportunity, saving the court considerable time in otherwise having to conduct a trial and noted also that he expressed remorse for what he had done.

Magistrate Latchman, however, emphasised the need for deterrence, saying that a message must be sent to potential offenders. In the circumstances, she informed Spencer that he would be imprisoned for 36 months. Additionally, the court ordered that the items recovered be returned to the complainant forthwith.

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