Bicycle, laptop carted away in Caneview Avenue robbery

A Caneview Avenue, South Ruimveldt resident was robbed of her laptop computer and a bicycle when two bandits invaded her home at around 4am yesterday.

Tandy Primo and her father were awakened by loud noises after the two men used a crowbar to open the door and proceeded to enter the house. Primo recounted that it was raining and she got up to lock her bedroom window, which is grilled, when she heard a loud noise. According to her, when she heard the noise, she thought that the house door had fallen off and as such she went to investigate.

The woman related that as she entered the living room, she saw her father standing at his bedroom door and the men were inside the home. Primo added that when the men saw her father, they told him to go back inside and one of the bandits raised his hand as though he had a weapon, in an attempt to frighten him.

Upon seeing this, Primo recounted that she ran back into her room and hid behind the door. Her father then began throwing things such as his perfume bottle at the men in an attempt to scare them away. He also began to scream and the men then fled the house with the laptop valued $120 000 along with the bicycle that was in the store room. The bandits were also attempting to remove the television set but left it behind after Primo’s father began to raise the alarm. The crowbar used to open the door was also left at the scene.
The matter has been reported to the police who are investigating. Primo said that over the past three months there have been a number of robberies in the area.

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