Schoolgirl murdered, boyfriend held

-lured to house by ‘sick’ message

A Cummings Lodge Secon-dary School teenager was allegedly chopped to death by her teenage boyfriend yesterday at Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara after his sister invited her to his home.

Seventeen-year-old Angela Mc Allister, of Sparendaam Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, was allegedly beaten and chopped to death by her 18-year-old boyfriend, whose name was given as  “Joshua” after his sister called her and told her to go to their home because “Joshua was sick.”

Mc Allister was beaten with a spade then chopped to death as the sister of her attacker tried to save her. Her boyfriend then sat and waited patiently until the police came and arrested him, her relatives said.

Police said that about 1420hrs yesterday, Mc Allister was involved in an argument with a man, who she shared a relationship, during which she was lashed and chopped about her body. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Hospital and the suspect is in police custody assisting with investigations the release said.

Mc Allister’s relatives wept uncontrollably yesterday. They said that they learnt of her death via telephone but could not see her body when they went to the scene because it had been taken away by undertakers. Her sister Shawney related that she left home around 11:30 to go and collect money that their mother had sent. Their mother had migrated less than a month ago to greener pastures.

 Angela Mc Allister
Angela Mc Allister

Her sisters, who she resided with, said that she went down to the city to collect the cash and it was while she was there her boyfriend’s sister called her and told her to go by them under the pretext that “Joshua was sick.”  Mc Allister then went to her boyfriend’s home in Diamond where she met her  demise.

Neighbours related to the family that she was beaten inside of the house and as she ran into the yard, her attacker followed her and inflicted the final blows on her. Her boyfriend’s sister, who was at home and witnessed the entire incident, had tried to intervene but the attacker turned his attention on her causing her to step aside, her relatives added.

The teen’s family recalled that as she left home yesterday, she told her two small nieces, jokingly, that she was not coming back and they began to cry.

The couple was together for about a year and had separated for some time. They then reunited in August of last year. Mc Allister had also written the CSEC exams and was awaiting her results.

Shawney noted that before their mother left the country, she told Angela not to go to her boyfriend’s home and they too also instructed her not to go. Her relatives explained that they did this because of how her boyfriend would behave whenever he visited their home. Mc Allister followed her family’s instructions and about two weeks ago she even turned off her cellular phone to avoid contact with her boyfriend, they said.

According to Shawney, on one occasion her sister’s boyfriend went to their home and saw her talking with her ex-boyfriend and he began to beat and chop the boy. Since then he had never visited the home and was banned from doing so.

According to the dead teen’s family, it appears as though her boyfriend had planned to kill her so he used his sister to call and persuaded her to go to his home.

Mc Allister’s case is the third in two weeks where females were attacked by men they had a relationship with. Two Wednesdays ago, Nazalena Houston was chopped about her body by her reputed husband, Richard Lord, who in turn hacked their two children Kimberly Houston and Ahmad Lord to death. Houston’s right hand was severed in the attack and all the fingers on her left hand were chopped off. Police have since issued a wanted bulletin for Lord who is on the run.

Then on Sunday, Dorothy Blackman known as “Paper Lady” and her children were chopped about their bodies by her reputed husband, Shaun Fordyce, who is also wanted by the police.

Mc Allister was the youngest girl of 15 children for her father. She leaves to mourn her dad, mom and siblings.

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