Suspects in Oronoque murder released

The father of murdered North West businessman John Jeffrey says that the release of the men identified fleeing in a car from the scene of the crime is a sign that police have failed do a proper investigation.

Jeffrey was shot three times as he sat in his shop at Oronoque, Port Kaituma last Saturday night and it is believed that the two perpetrators fled with an undisclosed quantity of cash.

A still grief stricken Matthew Jeffrey told Stabroek News from his home in Oronoque that police are yet to revisit the area to do additional investigations. ”I am dissatisfied with police. Police aren’t doing anything…They held people but they were released,” the man said, while insisting that the police had held the right people but released them.

He said that the two suspects live at Port Kaituma central. Police had also impounded a car matching the description of the getaway car.

He said that he was told that a red car had been parked near his son’s business place prior to the shooting. Matthew said that he was told that after the shooting the red car drove up and collected the two bandits.

He said after hearing the gunshots, residents rushed to the area and found Jeffrey lying in the shop. A post mortem examination revealed that he was shot twice in the forehead and once in the chest.

Matthew said that although people are living close by they are afraid to talk. He called on the police to act and find the men who killed his son, while noting that the first step would be for the ranks to come to the area and investigate and charge them. “They gotta come and investigate. They only came once. They had the car too but nothing. He was shot three times,” he said.

Jeffrey who opened his shop about three years ago was never robbed before.

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