Airy Hall accident leaves several persons hospitalised

Two persons are suffering from head trauma after a head-on collision on the public road at Airy Hall, Mahaica at approximately 18:00 hrs yesterday.

Three other persons suffered less serious injuries.

Royston Silas arrived at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation at approximately 21:00 hrs and was slipping in and out of consciousness along with Avesh Bakridi whose injured aunt, Bibi Seegobin, accompanied him.

Seegobin had a bandaged left arm and right foot, she needed assistance stepping out of the ambulance. She relayed that she was in a Toyota Spacio travelling back to Berbice when an oncoming vehicle smashed into hers after turning a bend in the road.

Seegobin relayed that there was a total of eight passengers in the vehicle that  she and her nephew were travelling in.

The others were identified as Al Seegobin, Ishwar Bakridi, Maharani Bakridi, Vinod Bakridi, Sanjay Bakridi and Andrew Kevin. She spoke very softly and was visibly still shaken as she awaited information on herself and her nephew. The young man was being attended to by a physician who was looking over x-rays of his skull.

The driver of the other vehicle Clement Brush, who was travelling with Silas had minor injuries and was limping.

When he spoke to Stabroek News he was extremely upset saying that he didn’t even realize the accident was so serious “I thought it was only a clip,” he repeated multiple times. Brush said that he was on his phone while he was driving down to Georgetown when the vehicles collided.

He said repeatedly that he just didn’t wish to speak further because he simply didn’t even know how or what happened.

Silas brother told Stabroek News that he just heard Silas was in an accident and they went to the GPHC to await the injured.

When the ambulance arrived with Silas inside, his brother and other family members rushed forward to check his condition.

The injured man’s brother went in to the emergency room with him and sought further information.

Up to press time the two other injured persons were at the Mahaica Hospital awaiting transport to the GPHC.

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