Post for new Chief Election Officer open to international applicants

The post for Chief Election Officer is open to international applicants as well, sources close to the elections commission have clarified.

The deadline for the submission of applications is September 30, 2013, according to the advertisement. On July 16, 2013, the Commis-sion voted not to renew the contract of Chief Election Officer Gocool Boodoo. While the PPP/C appointed Commissioners voted to renew Boodoo’s contract, Opposition nominated Commissioners voted against this. With a deadlock, it was Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission Dr. Steve Surujbally who cast the deciding vote tipping the scales against Boodoo. The former CEO’s contract came to an end on April 30, 2013 but he had left a few days before this date.

The advertisement placed in sections of the print media and on GECOM’s website on Wednesday said that the Chief Election Officer is required to play the key leadership role in the Secretariat of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), with responsibility for implementing all aspects of its operations, and ensuring that results achieved are consistent with the laws of Guyana and the policies determined by the Chairman and Commission.

It said that the CEO also acts as the primary point of contact between the Guyana Elections Commission and the staff members of the Secretariat, whose activities include the registration of registrants; the distribution of ID Cards; the provision of information and guidance on electoral operational matters to community organisations and other stakeholders.

“The Incumbent participates in the representation of the Commission’s policies and activities in interactions with stakeholders, and other interest groups, including Political Parties, NGOs, Donor Agencies, International Agencies and Institutions and Individuals, in matters relating directly to the operations of GECOM,” the advertisement for the position of CEO stated.

According to the terms of reference for the position, the CEO will be responsible for planning, directing and overseeing all aspects of the conduct of elections of the National Assembly, the Regional Democratic Coun-cils and Local Government Elections “and all national and local referenda, in Guyana.”

The details stated that the CEO is also responsible for ensuring that a comprehensive Voter Education Pro-gramme is conducted towards facilitating all eligible and registered persons exercising their vote.

“The Internal Audit function also resides in the Office of the Chief Election Officer who is the Accounting Officer of GECOM and is responsible for monitoring the review of the accounting, financial management and administrative operations of the Secretariat.

According to the TOR, four Management Commit-tees operate out of the Office of the Chief Election Officer and provide for a collegial decision-making process and the CEO must periodically determine the ‘Major Job Objectives’ for each Depart-ment Head and identify and discuss with staff the ‘Key Results Areas’ to be used as determinants of performance results.

According to the TOR, the CEO will supervise the Deputy CEO (Operations), all managers, Finance & Accounts supervisory staff, Internal Auditor Non-Management Staff, Human Resource Manager and Confidential Secretary.

According to the TOR, the applicant should have a Post Graduate Degree in Public Administration, Law, Management, or relevant discipline; supported by specific training and/or verifiable experience in managing election systems. Further, the applicant must also have between six and eleven years’ experience in a senior management position overseeing and directing diverse operations aimed at achieving targets within specific deadlines some of which would have been specific to elections.

The TOR said that the CEO bears responsibility for the quality of work as it impacts on all aspects of GECOM’s objectives.

The CEO also bears ultimate responsibility for the degree of success of operations and ensures that quality of work meets or surpasses performance standards and targets.

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