Cummings Lodge woman allegedly chopped by husband

A 27-year-old mother of three was stabbed several times about her body yesterday, allegedly by her reputed husband, after an argument ensued between the two at their Lot 211 2nd Field, Cummings Lodge home.

Shaleeza Mohammed was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she remains a patient of the Female Surgical Ward with stab wounds to her chest and face.

Poonam Gooroodiyal, a neighbour who resides in the same yard told Stabroek News that the two were always in the habit of arguing and making up back the next day. “They does normally tek they drink and so. They de arguing since last night. Now this morning this man name ‘Crab man’ come, normally he does come to she and when she husband come I does tell he the man does come to me so she can’t get knock or anything.”

Gooroodiyal said that the three of them were talking in her home when the husband came in and started accusing her of being in a relationship with the man. “He start tell she a set of thing and then he run to pick up a wood to beat the man in me house and I lock the door and she and he start cuss one another,” the woman said.

According to the woman, she made a report at the Turkeyen Police Station about the incident and the husband was placed on $10000 station bail. She said that it was whilst they were coming back he began tormenting Mohammed. “When we coming back in the vehicle he deh telling she all sort of thing and calling she all sort of names.”

The woman stated that Mohammed was heading home to take a bath to go and ‘sport’ with another neighbour when she was allegedly attacked by her reputed husband of 14 years.

“When she de going and bathe like he pick up a blade and start cut she up all over. All she breasts and face get cut up. One of we neighbour, Anita, pick she up and bring she down to the hospital,” the woman said.

Neighbours and relatives of Mohammed said that she has been a victim of constant abuse from the man and had threatened to leave him on numerous occasions, but that he would always beg her to come back and they would resume the relationship. Their three children were home at the time of the attack and are currently in the care of her relatives.

There has been a recent spike in the number of domestic violence incidents. Just last month, a cane cutter at Zeelugt hacked his two children to death and severely injured their mother, Nazaleena Houston. In another incident, a man went berserk and launched a cutlass attack on his wife and three daughters.

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