Man on trial for wife’s death opts for silent defence

Courtney Farley, accused of killing his wife, chose to remain silent when called upon to lead his defence in the High Court yesterday.

Farley was called upon to lead a defence after Justice Navindra Singh overruled a no-case submission by defence lawyer Kevon Bess. Farley also had the options of making a sworn statement or an unsworn statement.

Farley is on trial before Justice Singh and a jury for the murder of his wife Melanie Farley.

According to the prosecution’s case, on January 2, 2010 Farley and his wife had an argument, after which he picked up a cutlass and began to chase her.

In order to escape, the woman ran onto the verandah of the house and when Farley pushed the verandah door, she fell. She succumbed to her injuries five days after.
Justice Singh will sum up the evidence in the trial today before handing it over to the 12-member jury for deliberation and a verdict.

State counsel Natasha Backer and Tishana Lake had presented two witnesses, including an eyewitness to testify in their case. Farley’s statement to the police was also admitted as evidence against him during the trial, which started on Wednesday and saw the prosecution closing their case on the same day.

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