Zeelugt man who murdered two children found hanging

The decomposed body of Richard Lord was today found hanging at Zeelugt North, East Bank Essequibo. He was found among a clump of trees at the Zeelugt foreshore.

Lord had been on the run after murdering his two children Kimberley Houston and Tarif Lord. He had also attempted to kill his wife, Nazalena Natasha Houston.

Houston said that she decided to end their relationship and that while she was telling him, he was sharpening his cutlass. She did not take this gesture seriously since Lord was always in the habit of telling her that he would chop her.

Richard Lord
Richard Lord

Houston also said that it was only the Tuesday before the attack that she made a report at the Leonora Police Station and was told that she had to tell the officers the man’s whereabouts so that they could send a patrol to look for him. However, she felt that the attack could have been prevented had they taken her seriously. “When I went to the station, I talk to this policewoman and I was telling her about what was happening and she tell me that I need to tell them his whereabouts before they send a patrol to find him. If they had done something this whole thing could have been prevented,” she said.

Houston said that Lord was always in the habit of drinking and abusing her and accusing her of being unfaithful, although he was the one who was having affairs. “Up to the same day he asking me if is the boy I went by and I tell he no and he ask Kimberly and she told him no,” she said.

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