Fisherman found dead at Parfait Harmonie

-body bears marks of violence

A Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara fisherman was found dead yesterday with marks of violence about his body and the two men he was drinking with the night before are suspected to be responsible.

Robert Manna, 55, of Westminster, Parfait Harmonie was found lying in a puddle of water on the street in front of his friend’s home, two streets away from his home. His head was burst when his lifeless body was found yesterday morning. His trousers were also pulled down.

“While we are treating it using procedures we use in cases of murder, we have not concluded as yet that it is murder,” Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told Stabroek News.
Police later said in a release that Manna’s body was found about 6am on a street at Westminster, with suspected marks of violence and they were awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.

Robert Manna
Robert Manna

The father of two left the cottage he shared with his brother, Phillip Baburam, around 9pm on Friday night to go to his friend’s home nearby.

Baburam told Stabroek News that he, Manna and another man were at home watching cricket and his brother and the man were “taking a drink.”

His brother then announced that he was going by his friend’s home. As he was leaving, Baburam recalled telling him, “We get a lil wuk fuh do tomorrow.”

Baburam said his brother’s response was that he was returning shortly and he left the house. But Manna never returned home. Baburam said he was not worried at this development since Manna slept at another friend’s home at times.

But Baburam noted that when his brother failed to come home yesterday morning, he did think it unusual. A neighbour residing next to the house where his brother was last seen subsequently visited and informed him that he heard arguments coming from the house and Manna was lying in front of the yard.

Baburam said when he went to the scene, he saw his brother’s lifeless body lying face down. Blood was also seen inside the yard of Manna’s friend. The dead man’s friend could not explain what had occurred when he was asked by Baburam, who said “I told him to speak the truth cause is he gon feel the squeeze. He seh he been a sleep an nah know nothing.”

But Manna’s niece, Simone, is claiming that her uncle went to his friend’s home and there he met another man from the area. She said that the other man is their relative and the three bachelors ended up drinking.

After Manna was discovered dead, the relative went into hiding, Simone said. She explained that the same relative was in the habit of beating her uncle whenever he drinks and she said from all indications he is the main perpetrator.

Manna was described a person who never had problems with anyone and was hardworking.

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