Accused in violent robbery walks after complainant declines to testify

Alex Mendonca, faced with a robbery with violence charge, got a reprieve yesterday after his accuser declined to give evidence against him.

Mendonca was arraigned at the Georgetown Magi-strates’ Court yesterday, on a charge that he violently robbed Wendy Williams of a gold band, valued $400,000, on August 22.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge. After Magistrate Faith McGusty read the charge, attorney Paul Fung-a-Fat, who represented Mendonca, told the court that Williams was not desirous of offering any evidence against his client. When Magistrate McGusty inquired about Williams’ whereabouts, she was nowhere to be found. As a result, the matter was stood down briefly until Williams appeared at the court. She told the magistrate that she had decided not to offer evidence against Mendonca.

When asked by McGusty why she had come to that decision and whether she was threatened, Williams said that she had no reason for dropping the charges and assured that she was not threatened by anyone. As a result, the charge against Mendonca was dismissed.


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