APNU calls for highway patrols following fatal accident

Lead opposition party APNU is calling for highway patrols following a tragic accident on the Soesdyke-Linden High-way on Sunday that claimed two lives.

Anastasia Cole of Ituni was pronounced dead on arrival at the Linden Hospital Complex after the vehicle she was travelling in landed in the Kairuni Creek and was partially submerged.

The body of the baby, Taqayah Shepherd, was found later.

APNU said this tragedy is a direct result of the absence of law and order and the failure of the PPP/C administration to ensure that a properly trained and equipped highway patrol aggressively drives along the country’s roadways in search of errant drivers.

The party says it has previously brought attention to speeding, poor lighting and insufficient law-enforcement on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, a press release said.

The Guyana Police Force has said that speeding is the leading cause of fatal accidents therefore the party is calling on the police to take measures to ensure that speed limits are enforced, dangerous and drunk drivers cited and penalized for their recklessness.

Further, APNU said the nation must demand from the PPP/C administration a public safety apparatus that keeps road-users safe.





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