Husband charged with slapping wife after food row

A husband and wife now face charges of assaulting each other after a row turned physical.

Quincy Andrews, 36, a taxi driver on August 27 at Lot 138 Meadow Brook Gardens, was charged with unlawfully assaulting Simone Andrews, causing her actual bodily harm.

Simone Andrews, who also faces a similar charge, was absent when the case was called at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and Magistrate Faith McGusty issued a warrant for her arrest.

Prosecutor Tracymay Gittens said that the couple had an argument over food, which resulted in a scuffle where Quincy slapped and pushed his wife down and in retaliation Simone hit him with a bottle.

Although Quincy Andrews pleaded guilty after the charge was read, his “explanation” to the court resulted in a not guilty plea being entered on his behalf.

When given a chance to speak, Andrews stated that he and his wife had an argument over money she gives to people.

He said that she hit him in his head with a bottle and then she fell off the bed and sustained minor injuries.

The prosecutor did not object to bail but suggested that a bond be issued to keep the peace and that Quincy find another place to stay pending the outcome of the matter.

When asked whether he can find another place to stay, he said that he had spoken to a friend about staying with him.

Magistrate McGusty asked for a specific address to be given, but Quincy could not do so and the matter was stood down in order for him to make a phone call and determine the address where he will be staying.

When the matter was recalled, Quincy provided the address and was granted his release on $25,000 bail.


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